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The Odakyu Hakone Group's Social Media Policy is observed as follows.

  1. Your awareness and responsibility regarding posting on social mediaWhen transmitting information on the Internet, there is the possibility that bad actors may access your information. When information is made public on social media, please be well aware that there is a chance that it may never be erased from the internet.
    When posting on social media, please keep in mind that there may be feedback from others, so please make sure that your words will not be misinterpreted.
  2. Readiness to participate in social mediaDon’t forget to listen to customer feedback and act in accordance with Odakyu Group’s management philosophies and management policies. Post information in good faith and act responsibly on social media.
  3. Follow laws and internal regulationsWhen posting information, follow laws and internal policies laid out by internal regulations and manuals. Take extra care not to infringe on third party copyright, use other's likeness, cause damage to the reputation of others, etc.
  4. Regarding social media usageAll employees receive training on this social media policy and other guidelines regarding social media usage.

Established December 1st, 2013
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