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Information about Odakyu Hakone Group's Site Policy

This website (hereon referred to as "our site") is operated by Hakone Tozan Railways Co., Ltd. (hereon referred to as "our company"). Please go through our site policy before using our website.

Link Information

In general, it is OK to link to our site. However, the URL of our site may change without notice. We recommend checking the top page (https://www.hakone-tozan.co.jp/) for the latest URL. To link to our site, please use the banner below.

When setting up the link, please use the text "Hakone Tozan Railways Homepage" to clearly link to our site.

Please refrain from any forbidden activities such as linking to our site in a frame or linking to another site posing as our site. Please note that after the link is set up, if it it determined that the information made public will harm our company's reputation then it will be removed.

Information About Copyright

All of the content on our site is protected by Japanese copyright law and international agreements. Personal and other uses allowed by copyright law are accepted, unauthorized copying of the information on our site is not. Please clearly reference our site when quoting it. Copying our site in part or in whole verbatim is not permitted.

Exemption Clause

Our company takes no responsibility for damages to the users.
This extends to the information about products and campaigns, etc., whether from our company or third party providers, information about services or campaigns promoted, as well as any other information not encompassed by the proceeding statement. The name or content of any information on our site, from the time it is published, is subject to change without prior notice and may become outdated after time has passed.
Our site address, including the top page, may change without prior notice. Our company bears no responsibility for broken links caused by this change.
Our company bears no responsibility, regardless of the reason, for changes to information or the suspension or discontinuation of site operations.
We cannot guarantee that our site will have continuous service, that there are no errors, that the information will not require edits, or that our site’s server is virus-free and does not contain harmful content.

Validity of Our Policy

This policy applies to all of the applicable data stored on our site's servers, as well as all of the content.

Browser Information

Our site is best accessed with the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 8 or above(Windows 7)
  • Firefox (Windows 7)
  • Safari 5.1 (Mac OS X 10.6)
  • Google Chrome (Latest version)
  • Android (Browser 2.3, 4.0)
  • iPhone (iOS 4.x, 5.x)

Please note that accessing our site with a browser not listed above may render some of the content inaccessible.

Information About JavaScript and Other Plugins

Part of our site uses JavaScript. Please note that part of our site may not function or be displayed correctly if JavaScript is disabled. The latest version of the plugin is necessary to access all of our content. If you do not have JavaScript, we recommend installing it.

Adobe Reader
Download the latest version of Adobe Reader here.
Download the latest version of Adobe Reader, or use RealPlayer, RealOne Player or Microsoft Windows Media Player when watching videos.

SSL Information

In order to log the personal information of our customers, our group reservation form uses SSL (Secure Select Layer) encryption. If you use a browser that does not support SSL encryption, you may not be able to use the service. In this case, please contact us via telephone.