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Privacy Policy Information

Odakyu Hakone Group handles everyone's personal information with care. Your information is protected per the policy outlined below.

  1. Personal information protection laws and other guidelines regarding the protection of personal information are followed.
  2. Internal guidelines for the handling of personal information, as well as procedures, are in place for the proper management of personal information.
  3. All employees undergo periodic training regarding the proper handling of personal information.
  4. When personal information is gathered, it will not be used for any purposes other than for the original reason it was collected.
    Personal Information Requested Usage Purpose
    Personal information given when group inquires are made Issuing group tickets for the Hakone Tozan Train, reception, customer contact information for confirmation purposes.
    Personal information given when Nighttime Hydrangea Train reservations are made Making a seating chart for the limited-time train, reception, customer contact information used for confirmation purposes.
  5. When personal information is used, it will be confirmed that it is being used within the set guidelines. If personal information is passed on to a third party, permission will be requested. When personal information is received or shared within each company of the Odakyu Hakone Group, appropriate laws will be followed.
  6. Regarding management of personal information, information is properly stored in compliance with the latest methods. Safety measures to prevent loss, destruction, alteration, leaking and other such improper access are in place.
  7. When we provide or entrust a group with personal information, distribution methods decided upon with the receiver are used and proper management methods are followed.
  8. Regarding personal information that is saved, if release, revision, usage suspension or erasure is requested the request will be answered in a timely manner and in accordance with reasonable and necessary procedures.
  9. Internal methods, procedures and management systems for handling personal information are planned to be continuously improved upon.

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